Thursday, October 6, 2005

The Re-Launch

My people, my people....The JJ is back - as a blog! Been holding onto some stories for a minute and they're towards the end. Newer items are at the top. Will be updating periodically. Don't forget to scroll to the end and check out the job opportunties.....enjoyceinglife, JD


BET Books Purchased by Harlequin
Target Market News

Vampire Huntress Author LA Banks To Pen Scarface's Early Life

AG Interactive, Def Jam launch Def Connect mobile phone video channel
Target Market News

Fulani Down, But Not Out
Village Voice Blogs

Post-Suede (Mag) Silver Lining
STAYING TOGETHER: The sad story of Suede magazine now has a happy postscript.

Beauty and the Bleach
Los Angeles Times

Please, Save Us From the Pimps

Blacks Pin Hope on DNA to Fill Slavery's Gaps in Family Trees
New York Times

Atlanta's John Smith Elected Chair of Black Newspaper Publishers
Press Release

The Africa Channel Signs Deal With Cox Communications for U.S. Cable Carriage
Target Market News

What is Right in America - All of Our Young People Are Not Lost
Joseph C. Phillips Column

Real Women Seek Dates, Must Love Technology
New York Times

New York Jails Banning Forced Gynecological Exams for Female Inmates
Black America Web

Christian Retailers Hammered By Price-Cutting Giants (Wal-Mart, Costco, Target)
Ad Age

All Rock, No Action - An African Criticizes Those Trying to Help Africans
New York Times

Racial Disparity Found in Ex-Convict Job Opportunities
Democracy Now!



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