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Reginald Ware, Inc

Chicago, IL ( November 16, 2005- Publishing and Internet entrepreneur Reginald Ware, who founded the groundbreaking African-American healthy lifestyle publication Heart & Soul in the mid-90's, has launched - a health portal on the Internet for African Americans.

The website launched November 15th and will provide a much-needed resource to African Americans, who can go to to locate an African-American physician, read about relevant African-American health issues, and find information on a range of healthy lifestyle options. " is the definitive health portal for African Americans," Ware says. "An accurate analogy would be a WebMD for African Americans."

Ware most recently headed sales and development of Black Enterprises TV series, The Black Enterprise Report. He left the position to launch

Everything an African American would need for health is found on There are centralized locations for Healthy Lifestyle content (Men's Health, Women's Health, etc.) and a Condition Control Center, where visitors can find info on specific diseases from allergy to diabetes. There is also Food/Nutrition (including healthy solutions for weight loss) and Fitness (covering tips for every age group).

"When I created Heart & Soul, I did it because it was the right thing to do for millions of people who I cared about," Ware says. "There is power in doing the right thing. Now we have taken and transitioned over to the interactive platform of the Internet, with the same mission: To improve the quality of life for African Americans."

"When it comes to health, the general population benchmarks don't always apply to Blacks because of genetic, cultural and lifestyle differences," Ware says. "For example, Black males need to start having annual exams for prostate cancer 10 years earlier than white males and breast cancer in Black women often develops at younger ages. Consequently, we need our own credible, trusted resource - that correctly informs us on various health concerns," Ware says.

In addition to creating Heart & Soul magazine, Ware's background includes the creation and development of, which, in the height of the dotcom craze, was the leading gaming portal on the Internet.

"I believe we are uniquely qualified to make a household name among African Americans," Ware says. "First of all, we have a great editorial product. Second, the timing is right because African Americans are the fastest growing segment of Internet users. Lastly, we have the expertise of marketing health to our audience and a track record of driving extensive traffic to a website."'s primary advertisers will be pharmaceutical companies and other health-oriented advertisers that want to reach Black consumers in the ideal environment.

Ware has enlisted the help of some of the nation's leading physicians and dentists. Dr. Randall Maxey, a kidney specialist, heads up the Medical/Editorial Advisory Board for Dr. Maxey is past president of the National Medical Association (NMA), where he served on the board for a number of years. Dr. Maxey also works with some of the countrys largest church organizations as the medical director of the Church Health Network. That program provides health screenings and risk reduction education to congregations.

"A website of this nature is long overdue," Dr. Maxey says. "I lecture around the country on `Evidence Based Medicine, which means that more research needs to be done on African Americans so we can establish proper guidelines for prevention and treatment. allows physicians like myself to talk to the masses on a consistent basis. It's a perfect complement to our Church Health Network and other organizations looking to promote healthy living with African Americans."

"The thing that personally intrigues me about BlackDoctor.Org is that our company is full of passionate people who want to change lives for the better," Ware says. "When you combine passion and enthusiasm with singleness of purpose that is the most powerful combination known to mankind. Success is imminent."

Ware is extremely enthusiastic about the prospects for in the marketplace. "I just came off of a successful stint at Black Enterprise where I oversaw the sales and development of their TV series, "The Black Enterprise Report," he says. "We were able to completely sell out the show for two years in a row. That was an exciting time. Now I am back to doing what I feel I am called to do. The challenges are significant, but I like my chances. In fact, I like my chances a lot!"

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