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November 2005 Table of Contents

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The Anger and Shock of a City's Slave Past
New York Times

AIDS, and Homophobia, in Jamaica
New York Times
Homophobia in Jamaica hampers efforts to reach same-sex partners who are justifiably terrified of seeking medical help for AIDS.

LAUNCH: HBCU Library Alliance Website

The Power of the African-American Female Consumer
Source: Market Snapshot (November 2005)

Scenes From an Arranged Marriage -Labels Shop New Talent to Established Stars Hoping for Mentor-Mentee Relationships
New York Times
November 27, 2005

Dave Chappelle Is Alive and Well (and Playing Las Vegas)
New York Times
November 27, 2005

Hip-hop boybands dress up kiddie-pop in grown-up clothes, except when butt-naked in the classroom
by Mikael Wood
Village Voice
November 17th, 2005 6:53 PM

The Source Under Fire
Here's Your Guide to the Lawsuits, Criminal Charges, and Beefs
by Aina Hunter
Village Voice
November 22nd, 2005 11:28 AM

Who's in the Corner Office?
New York Times
In ways less obvious than race and gender, the corporate elite has become less elite and more diverse over the last decade or two, while its counterpart in Washington has become more homogeneous.
November 27, 2005

BET's Bob Johnson and Developers Agree on Hilton Deal in Norfolk
The Virginian-Pilot
November 23, 2005

"The World of the Superniche": MTV's New Chief Digital Officer
Jason Hirschhorn, MTV's new chief digital officer, talks about his new role and the future of personalized TV

NBC Dress Code Spawns Endorsement Deals
Top Brands Rush In to Outfit Players off the Court
November 22, 2005

Book News: Tyler Perry Set to Publish First Novel
By James Wray

The Fragile Black Middle Class: Race and Money in Chicago
Chicago Sun Times

Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler on Race, Global Warming and Religion
Democracy Now

Uptown Magazine Expands Distribution to Washington, Atlanta and Chicago
Target Market News

Will African-American UConn Physicist Ronald Mallett Build the First Time Machine?
Fairfield Weekly

Russell Simmons Media Group Backs New Hip-Hop Channel

Howard University Students Rally Against Laura Bush Visit
Howard University: The Hilltop

License to Ill: Black journalism in the pages of the Village Voice
The Village Voice

Old Enough To Drive? The Government Has A File On You
Since 2002, the Defense Department has been collecting info to help recruiters.
MTV News

Atlanta Leads Nation in Child Poverty
Black Mecca: The Death of An Illusion

The Source Launching New Mag Focusing On Latin Culture
Baller Status

African American owned Bed & Breakfast Reopening in New Orleans
New York Times

Outkast Finally Ready To Drop Their New LP, Big Boi Says
Idlewild due in stores on December 6.

When you're half of the most successful rap duo of all time, you can get pretty much anything you want.

Publishing News: Women's Health mag, New Mothers Mag, Random House and Writers

Essence Mag. WOW II Study Results
TMS Online Entertainment Marketing News

Queen Latifah To Produce 'Kidnapped'

New Young Pastor at MLK's Ebenezer Baptist Church
His Father's Son

Raphael Warnock’s Journey to Ebenezer Baptist Church Began With Talks About the Bible at the Family Dinner Table
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler on Race, Global Warming and Religion
Democracy Now

No Parole Sentences Hammer Black Teens

Heart & Soul Founder Reginald Ware Launches New Health Portal Targeted To African Americans
Press Release

Blacks on Vote If They're Paid, Says Ga. Legislature
Sponsor of disputed Georgia legislation told feds that blacks in her district only vote if they are paid to do so.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What Use Are Black Mayors?
An Open Letter to the National Conference of Black Political Scientists
Target Market News

San Francisco Museum Launches “I’ve Known Rivers” an International Call for Stories about People of the African Diaspora
Press Release



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