Saturday, August 2, 2008

Detroit Lee & ATL's New Tuskegee Airmen Parkway

I'm so sleepy that while I was trying desperately to get some writing done on my novel, the back of my head hit the back of my couch like 10 times before I straight gave up. Heading to la la land, but before I go, I wanted to give a big up to the ATL for naming a stretch of Camp Creek Parkway (near the airport for those who ain't from 'round here) Tuskegee Airmen Parkway.

Both of my parents attended Tuskegee back when it was an institute (think I look like my mom?). I spent every summer in that town with my grandparents until I was about 15. And my grandfather, a righteous rabble rouser, spent years knocking down doors for all of us: suing for jobs they wouldn't let a black man have and bringing the lawsuit, Lee V. Macon, that led to the desegregation of all the schools in Alabama. He sure earned his bad ass name—Detroit Lee. This August he would have been 92, and the biggest Obama supporter this side of the Mississippi River. Here's to you granddaddy! Lord, I miss you. Love, jd

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