Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jumpin Into the Fray

So I have been hesitating about talking about the presidential campaign because, frankly, it's painful. I mean it literally hurts my heart to even imagine what the Obamas must be going through in their selfless and brave undertaking. I pray every day that they will have enough armor to withstand the crap that is being hurled at them incessantly. My mother tells me all the time that when she speaks to those prayer warriors (you know the ones that go in the closet to pray), she puts in a prayer request for the Obamas. 'Cause Lord knows they can't be covered enough in The Blood.

Now I'm not the "religious" type. I mean I don't normally end my conversations with "Have a blessed day," and I have nothing against those that do. I was raised in the church, went to Sunday School, bible study and vacation bible school; sung in the choir, was an acolyte and a member of the church youth group. My parents made sure I had a good foundation, so good that I ended up singing in a gospel choir for the first two years of my college career. And even though I did go astray for some years (basically my 20s), I never pushed the envelope too far because I wasn't a fool. I was taught right from wrong and I wanted to go to heaven. Still do.

These days I make it to church about twice a month, but I find myself praying all the time, anywhere, out loud, to myself and with my child (who says "Amen" like she's catching the spirit). Praying is comforting and necessary. And it's an integral part of who I am.

Hmmm...somehow I thought that this post was going to be about the Obamas and the presidential campaign. I guess it is because it's all interconnected. After I read this article in the Chicago Sun Times by Mary Mitchell, and then the racist and ignorant comments from one of the respondents, the first thing I did was say "Lord protect the Obamas." And now there's been some crazy racist in Florida arrested for threatening to assassinate Obama. We knew it was coming, didn't we?

But I'm staying hopeful. No matter what happens in the race, the Obamas will be a force to be reckoned with and they are empowering others by their example to STEP UP and be positive and progressive in our lives.

Check out this Chicago Sun Times article by Mary Mitchell, who puts it all out there. Now you know what black folks are saying in their homes around kitchen tables about why Barack is not further ahead in the polls. Mary Mitchell ain't afraid:

"Yet anyone who thought Obama would whip past McCain like an Olympic speed skater was being naive about the state of race relations in this country. I wouldn't label as racist every white Democrat who switched to McCain after Hillary Clinton was dispatched, but acting as though racial prejudice no longer exists in this country is also wrong.

Obama tries to avoid talking about race, as do his surrogates, staffers and supporters. But when a cable network interviewed Virginia voters during the Democratic primary, a white woman didn't stutter when she said she couldn't vote for a "Negra." Does this woman represent a large percentage of the white voting population? Probably not. But there are still enough people like her out here, and they are giving the Obama campaign the flux."

And make sure to check out the response from one poster who calls himself "euro american." Here's an excerpt:

"Just like those serial killers and pedophiles that deserve instant death, they [African Americans] have something inside their system that is evil and can't be repaired. Sadly, the black culture has a large portion (and growing) of the same. Sad enough they have no self accountability, but the good people of the community are being steamrolled by this spreading cancer. And I sure as heck am not guilty. I am embarrassed that a part of our society has every benefit and privelege at their doorstep and they don't have the GOD given sense or self accountability to take advantage of it. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Blame whitey. Blame the government. Blame racism. Sorry, that don't fly."

I mean this is just mean spirited and ignorant. Keep praying for the Obamas. 'Cause the crazies are just starting to get ramped up. JD

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