Monday, February 9, 2009

You? Racist? Noooooo.....

So my girl over at 40 Something Sister disclosed a politically incorrect moment she had recently and snapped me back a few years to one of my most embarrassing experiences when I was about 25-years old. I threw a small fit behind the back of the celeb owner of a high profile restaurant in NYC when he decided to finish signing the autographs of two white young ladies before he addressed my journalistic inquiry. Unfortunately he overheard my inappropriate remarks and proceeded to use some serious profanity in throwing me out of his establishment. Several lessons learned - the hard way.

One, I was being ignorant and arrogant. Two, I was being racist. And three, I was just plain old wrong. I feel the same way as my girl, who regrets what she said, but unfortunately I was hustled out of the spot so fast that I did not get the opportunity to apologize. Just young and dumb. Yeah I'm sure I've made some suspect comments since I was 25, but not so blatantly stupid or thoughtless - even if they were wrong. Check out my girl's post, Me? Racist? Oops and let us know if you've had these moments and how you feel about them. Thank God I'm not the only one that's not perfect.

And because it fits so well with this post, I just had to add this link to Jill Nelson's column on The Huffington Post, The Audacity of Whiteness: Framing Barack Obama. Jill don't play. Stay real, JD

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