Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walls of Wonder: Need A Good Muralist?

When I first thought of getting a mural for my 2 1/2 year old daughter's room, the idea was to have one scene of something cute, maybe black ballerinas - which would have been lovely. But after viewing the website of my muralist, the superfantastic Damon Danielson of Divine Image Graphics, I had butterflies on the brain. Plus, anybody that knows me knows I'm a proud nerd, who could never have a child that didn't love to crack the spine of a book as often as she was awake.

Amber is just such a child, so I decided to immortalize her doing what she loves under a beautiful tree. I know we're in the age of technology where the Internet rules and newspapers fail, but I pray she'll grow into a child that devours and savors the books she reads. There's nothing like getting lost in a fantastical tale, the kind that kept me up late at night with a flashlight reading under my covers long after my parents' imposed bed time. And I also want my daughter to appreciate and explore the beauty of the outdoors and the wonder that is inspired by such delicate creatures as butterflies.

Damon can create something just as unique as Amber's room for between $500 and $700 (I had the walls painted myself for under $200). Don't know if he travels outside the ATL area, but for those of you in town with a need for murals, portraits, children's book illustrations, check him out and tell him I sent you.

Amber's room is well on its way to being a dreamy toddler's for the garage...Pray for me...jd

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