Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Maxwell, Jamie Foxx & O'Jays Interviews for BET Knock Me Out

A month ago I had the opportunity to chat up Maxwell, Jamie Foxx and the O'Jays for articles I was writing about them for the BET Award Viewers Guide, which went out in one million newspapers on Friday, June 26.

Jamie's hosting, Maxwell is performing, and the O'Jays are being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. See what these amazing artists are gonna give you tonight on the BET Awards.

Maxwell Soulful, intelligent and down-to-earth, he was all about his trilogy of new albums, BlackSummersNight: "It's the dirtiest, most soulful kind of album-its just raw."

Jamie Foxx Hollywood hilarious and a hoot to interview, he was excited about the show. "It's the first BET Awards since having a black president and we really need to celebrate that."

Eddie LeVert of the O'Jays Appreciative and legendary, LeVert was honored that the O'Jays were being celebrated. "When you get to the crossover level of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Luther Vandross and Frankie Beverly-people representing the epitome of R&B-it's like wow!"

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