Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Toddler's Michael Jackson Afro

After three hours of CNN Michael Jackson mania, I'm picking out my 2-year-old's twists as she watches in the mirror.

Her: Toure has this hair. [ref to preschool classmate]

Me: He sure does have an afro.

Her: An afro?

Me: Yes. That's what your hair is called when its all puffed out.

Her: I have an afro!

Me: Yes you do!

Her: Michael Jackson has an afro, too!

Me: Yes he did baby, a big ole afro!

Her: I have a big ole Michael Jackson afro!

From the mouths of babes...leave your Michael Jackson memories or favorites here if you like. The above is one of mine. My first concert ever was the Victory Tour in Atlanta - cried, screamed and sang till my voice ran out. My favorite album is Off the Wall. And my favorite song is "Working Day and Night"-which the brother sho nuff did. Thank God for his musical legacy.

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