Monday, July 6, 2009

Are Journalists Control Freaks?

I'm having a disagreement with a friend, who believes that journalists have control issues. No. 1, he says, because they control the access to information and, No. 2, because journalists have to have a reason for everything. Basically he asserts that journalists cannot accept an answer without justification. And he thinks we're ALL like this.

So my journalist-friends, let me know what you think. I, of course, whole-heartedly disagree. And not because I don't have control issues, but because I don't think that all journalists have control as a major issue in their lives.

Journalists: Do you have to run everything in your life? Even if your friends, family and colleagues don't think that you're controlling them? Do you have to have an "acceptable" reason before you can understand why someone disagrees with you? Do other journalists you know share your mindset?

Speak up control freaks. And let me know if I'm talking about you. Or if you disagree with my friend, like I do.

Photo: The Bathers by Fernand Leger at the Museum of Fine Art, Montreal

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