Friday, November 20, 2009

Write A Quick Post on Peace & Win A Nice Piece of Jewelry via MyBrownBaby

So one of the baaaaaadest writers I know, Denene Miller of the blog MyBrownBaby (and a kazillion articles and books - latest with Steve Harvey and ATL Housewives NeNe) is celebrating writing with her monthly Beautiful Mind Writing Contest.

This month's subject is peace and your entry is due today to win a gorgeous necklace created by another gifted writer, Tameka Allen-Mercado of Tea & Honey Bread, who is also the judge for the contest. You should follow both MyBrownBaby and Tea & Honey Bread for some good writing on a regular basis. And if you can whip out some genius writing today about peace, make sure to enter the contest.

The November winner and links to all of the writers' submissions will be posted on MyBrownBaby on Tues, Nov. 24th. Like I said, its monthly, so you can save your genius for next month if you're on deadline like me or if the thought of creating something today causes brain freeze.

Happy writing. And please keep the party going by sharing this post with other writers you know.

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