Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 Reasons Not To Pig Out During the Holidays

Here's a Twitter list I created yesterday that I'm making easily accessible - so I can remind myself of the top 5 reasons not to pig out during the holidays:

No.5: The rest of your friends and family might want something to eat, too.

No.4: Heaving your heavier self out of the car is embarrassing, challenging & not a pretty sight.

No.3: Doing 2-a-days is rough on the body. A week of multiple workouts a day sucks up all your time & energy.

No.2: Feeling like a stuffed sausage in clothes that fit 2 weeks ago is uncomfortable & depressing.

And No.1: Who knew that gaining weight meant your shoes would be too tight, too?

Clearly this list is not exhaustive. I'd love to know the reasons you won't pig out this holiday season.

Laughing, losing and letting go, I'm enjoyceinglife. Hope you are, too!

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