Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You Still Can't Stop My Shine

Today, I reconnected with a friend on Good Reads, a fabulous social networking site for people who LOVE books - please check it out. Anyway, after we both reviewed Toure's Soul City, she left me a wonderful little anecdote that is just the encouragement I need to put the finishing touches on my second teen novel, which has been in limbo for a year.

Here's what she wrote:
"A couple of weeks ago, I was riding A train and I noticed a young lady totally engrossed in this book. She wasn't moved by the knocking of the train or people. Her eyes were glued to the pages of this novel. So of course, like the nosy subway passenger I am (I am always reading over shoulders when I leave my books), I stretched my neck to see what this girl was reading. And to my surprise and delight she was reading your book, Can't Stop the Shine. I wanted to tap her and say I know Joyce Davis. It's New York, so I didn't."

So even though Can't Stop the Shine (KimaniTru/Harlequin) was released in 2007 and I think its only available now online, young women are still reading it. That really makes me feel great. Every so often nice things have been happening to me regarding this novel that keep me encouraged. Earlier this year, it was designated as a 2009 Popular Paperback For Young Adults by the
American Library Association. How great is that?!?

So over the holidays, I'm going to revisit my next teen novel - and get it to my agent! I'm motivated and any encouragement to help me stay that way is certainly welcome.

Keep enjoyceinglife!

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