Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reality Check-A Sick Baby Trumps All

Tonight I pulled up to my driveway and pressed the garage door remote control several times before I realized nothing was going to happen. After getting out and punching the garage door keypad a few times to no avail, I was told by a neighbor that the power was out in our neighborhood.

My initial response was to get heated, then I looked back through my car window and saw my precious 2-year old daughter trying to kick a beach ball IN THE CAR and I just let it go. You see I was bringing my Amber home from a scary 4-day stay at a children's hospital for a serious bout with pneumonia.

She's fine. I'm relieved, thankful and truly blessed. There were some children there who were REALLY sick. Her doctor was treating another child who had what he believed to be a terminal illness.

So I'm appreciative of the time that I've had with my daughter so far and all of the years I pray are coming. This may sound like gushing, but I got calls, texts, emails and visits from well-wishers near and far. The "what can I do to help" offers were plentiful. My entire office made a video to wish Amber welcome home. And I know everybody doesn't have that kind of support. It is not going unnoticed.

Then to top it off, checking my email tonight, I received the most unexpected and thoroughly appreciated compliment from my friend Nicole, who I haven't seen in half a dozen years, but keep in touch with via Facebook and email regularly:

There are few women in the industry that have the ability to walk into any circle and bring sunshine to the conversation: You are one of the few.
There are few people in this world that always offer a kind inclusive smile and are intuitive to ask & really care about how you are doing: Again, you are in the number.
We always talk about getting up (never do) but our cordialness speaks volumes: I like to think queens recognize other queens.
Best of luck in all you do.

God smiled on me today through my daughter being released from the hospital and through Nicole's compliment to me. I love my baby and I love my life. I hope you appreciate whatever is going on in yours. Cause even the tough stuff can be good stuff.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walls of Wonder: Need A Good Muralist?

When I first thought of getting a mural for my 2 1/2 year old daughter's room, the idea was to have one scene of something cute, maybe black ballerinas - which would have been lovely. But after viewing the website of my muralist, the superfantastic Damon Danielson of Divine Image Graphics, I had butterflies on the brain. Plus, anybody that knows me knows I'm a proud nerd, who could never have a child that didn't love to crack the spine of a book as often as she was awake.

Amber is just such a child, so I decided to immortalize her doing what she loves under a beautiful tree. I know we're in the age of technology where the Internet rules and newspapers fail, but I pray she'll grow into a child that devours and savors the books she reads. There's nothing like getting lost in a fantastical tale, the kind that kept me up late at night with a flashlight reading under my covers long after my parents' imposed bed time. And I also want my daughter to appreciate and explore the beauty of the outdoors and the wonder that is inspired by such delicate creatures as butterflies.

Damon can create something just as unique as Amber's room for between $500 and $700 (I had the walls painted myself for under $200). Don't know if he travels outside the ATL area, but for those of you in town with a need for murals, portraits, children's book illustrations, check him out and tell him I sent you.

Amber's room is well on its way to being a dreamy toddler's for the garage...Pray for me...jd

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