Thursday, April 1, 2010

17 Years Later on Love Jones Lane

My girl, the talented writer Charreah Jackson, honored me and my sweetie, featuring our love story on her incredible blog, Love Jones Lane. Celebrating the positivity of black love, Love Jones Lane is sorely needed in a time when negative portrayals and dismal news about our relationships dominate. Support her by following her blog and sharing it with others. Below is an excerpt from the post about how my love story reignited 17 years later. Keep loving each other and Enjoyceinglife!

Black Love: Better the Second Time Around

Media maven Joyce Davis has worked her way up the masthead of many of the biggest magazines, interviewing some of our favorite stars from Mary J. Blige to her favorite, Andre 3000. But after reuniting with a man she dated more than 15 years ago, it was her turn to answer the questions. She shares her story with Love Jones Lane.

The Reunion: I had no idea that Michael would come back into my life, but 17 years later, there he was – on Facebook, of all places. We had our second first date during Obama’s inauguration. He looked great and smelled the same – damned good. It's amazing the things that you remember. We sat in a restaurant and talked for five hours. There was an intense attraction and we were so comfortable with each other that even though we lived in different states, I knew something was stirring between us.

Read the rest of our love story - the power of our time apart, when I fell for him, the glue that holds us together, and who has the best locks - at Love Jones Lane.

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