Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Speediest Easter Egg Hunter Gets Her Picture in the Paper!

The photographer that took my 3-year old daughter's picture at this Easter egg hunt last Saturday, said he was struck by how fast she took off when the announcer said "Go!" My baby got her eggs, and because the photographer worked for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she also got her picture in the paper's Easter Egg Hunt photo gallery.

Check me out cheering her on!

Tenacious, isn't she?

Too cute.

Egg-hunting partners!

Creative girl: A tiger balloon hat - her own idea.

And at another egg hunt, she sort of conquered her fear of life-size characters when she snuggled up to the Easter Bunny.

To the victor go the spoils!

Hope your Easter was as blessed as ours! Keep Enjoyceinglife!

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