Monday, June 14, 2010

Climbing a Canadian Mountain and Sweating to Femi Kuti at the Montreal Jazz Fest

Last summer Heart & Soul Magazine sent me on an assignment to the Montreal Jazz Festival. My article on one of the healthiest cities in the world is in the June/July 2010 issue on stands now. There's also a companion piece over on the H&S website about the delectable dining I did while in Montreal.

While enjoying more than a dozen concerts in a week, I explored everything from mountain climbing to the invigorating Scandinavian baths. Here are some shots of my amazing experience. Get out there in the world! It's wonderful.

Ray Charles' image on the press headquarters for the Montreal Jazz Festival

Starting up Mount Royal

I still can't believe that I climbed up the steep, rocky side of a mountain.

An inspiring cross was at the apex.

I'm pretty pleased with myself here.

And I'm still cute - even after such a rigorous hike!

After climbing a mountain, I had the nerve to go dancing that night to the unbelievable Femi Kuti and the Positive Force. I sweated up a storm!

The passing of Michael Jackson was still fresh around the world at an international magazine shop.

I love period movies like those done by Merchant Ivory, which is why the image of this woman in October by James Tissot (1877) appeals to me. I saw this painting and other interesting works at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Afro Headdress (1996) by Sonya Clark really trips me out.

I love this Fake Armchair (2007) by Danful Yang.

The Bathers (1933) by Fernand Leger is so involved it's intriguing.

I can't front. This Ceremonial Comb from the Northern region of Ghana in the early 20th Century really does remind me of an Afro pick.

This piece from Michael Snow's Walking Woman series (1963) feels empowering.

I was so moved by Esperanza Spalding. What a talent! She really epitomized the festival for me.

I think this is Wynton Marsalis projected.

The incomparable Aretha Franklin

This was a getaway I'll never forget.

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