Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Information Junkie is Moving On

At my core, I'm a life-long learner. And I selfishly want everyone to love to learn, too, which is why, in 2005, I started the blog, The Joyce Journal. A blog was a welcome change from years of accosting my family, friends and associates with emails full of interesting articles, event listings and all kinds of opportunities.

In the past several years, I've joined Facebook and Twitter to share and discuss. I launched Enjoyceinglife in 2008 as an outlet to challenge myself for more self-expressive writing. So all that was left for The Joyce Journal was to bec0me strictly a place to share mostly employment opportunities.

Well, things have changed a great deal since I launched The Joyce Journal five years ago. And after careful consideration, I've decided to stop posting to The Joyce Journal. I'm a writer and I'd like to concentrate on my craft. I have to be honest: Being an engaged parent with a full time gig will not allow me to continue posting to a jobs blog, as well as freelance, explore future book opportunities, and post to Enjoyceinglife.

Gotta prioritize. Those who were following The Joyce Journal, I ask for your understanding. I don't plan to delete The Joyce Journal anytime soon - but there won't be any more new posts. Occasionally, I will post interesting opportunities on Enjoyceinglife.

I look forward to continuing to share good info as I focus my passion - writing. To celebrate my new focus, I've chosen a new look for Enjoyceinglife. I hope you like it - I love it! It just feels like passionate energy. Or energetic passion. It moves me. And that's what I need - vibrant encouragement, which I plan to continue sharing here.

Staying on the path and Enjoyceinglife, JD

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