Monday, July 19, 2010

Voting Advice? GA Primary Elections

Friends and family in the Atlanta metro area, I'm voting tomorrow at lunch and doing some last minute research on candidates in the statewide and local elections. If you have any strong feelings or advice about any of the candidates below in the Democratic primary, I'm interested in the good, the bad and the ugly. Hope you're voting and enjoycenglife!

United States Senator
R. J. Hadley
Michael "Mike" Thurmond

Thurbert Baker
Roy E. Barnes
Bill Bolton
Carl Camon
Randal Mangham
Dubose Porter
David Poythress

Secretary Of State
Gail M. Buckner
Gary Horlacher
Michael Mills
Angela "Miss Angela" Moore
Georganna T. Sinkfield

Attorney General
Ken Hodges
Rob Teilhet

Commissioner Of Labor
Terry L. Coleman
Darryl Hicks

State School Superintendent
Beth Farokhi
Joe Martin
Brian Westlake

State Senator District 35
Roberta Cooper
Donzella J. James
Torrey O. Johnson

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