Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Fall & School Picture Day!

Before she even said," Good Morning," the first thing out of my baby's mouth when she rolled out of bed was, "Today is fall, Mommy!"

Yes it is! And not only that, it's School Picture Day! So even though the temperature will reach 90 degrees on this first day of fall in Atlanta, I had to dress my big girl in something representative of the season. The nearly 40-year-old crochet standout of this lovely ensemble is courtesy of my talented mother, who crafted this piece for me when I was a toddler. Amazing, huh? Hot for 90 degrees? Yes. But, I'm not cruel - I did leave a change of cooler clothes so she wouldn't pass out.

Of course, we had our own little photo shoot before school this morning because 1) she's just so darned cute; and 2) you know how you drop off your child on picture day and their hair and outfit are just right, but the photos you get back showcase a child who obviously rolled on the floor from the time you left until the photographer snapped the picture? I am not taking a chance. Just in case things go awry, I think we've got a winning shot right here!

Look at that enthusiasm! I love children that love school. Happy First Day of Fall, y'all! I hope you're enjoyceinglife, because we certainly are!

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