Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back on the Dating Scene-Across the Seas?

As I consider jumping back into dating, I found this recent post about finding love internationally on Heart and Soul's website very interesting. When I was going through an especially long dating drought right after 9/11, I had a romanticized vision of getting out of my own backyard and experiencing mutual swooning with a great guy who'd whisper I was his soul mate in some throaty passionate language.

Stereotyping aside, over the years I've met and dated several attractively complex and unique men originally from other countries. It hasn't worked out with any of them obviously because I am still single. And it didn't work out with any of the Americans I've dated either - obviously because I am still single.

I think I'd consider dating internationally if I wasn't the mother of a young child. I can't imagine uprooting our lives and sacrificing the village it takes to raise her. But I'm not ruling it out, because, hey, you never know. I do think it would be complicated at this stage in my life, but obviously based on this article dating abroad is working for some.

Single ladies, would you consider dating a man in another country? Single moms, have you dated a man overseas? How did you do it? I'd like to know in case I start Internet dating and my soul mate ends up being from Johannesburg.

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