Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buy a Book & a Child Gets One for Free

There is something about getting lost in the characters and the story of a good book that gives me a feeling like no other. I love movies. There are some television shows that make me howl with laughter. I've cried during plays and concerts. But nothing tops curling up with a good book and letting the writing and my imagination take me to a place where my soul is stimulated and satisfied.

This love of literature is why I've created a life for myself around reading and writing and why I am more than excited about the powerful initiative that my friends, the incredible writing pair Nick Chiles and Denene Millner, have founded. They've launched North Paran, a new online book store featuring books for, by and about people of color, which will provide a free book to a child in need for every book that is bought.

I think I need to state that again. When you buy a book from North Paran, a child in need somewhere in the world will receive a book as well. Now how in the WORLD can you beat that deal!?!? It's an all-good purchase. Everybody wins! Your family gets new books and you get to gift others with literature. Yep, the reader and writer in me are both elated.

To jump start their initiative, North Paran is in a campaign to give 100,000 books away to children during Black History Month. Check out the video where Nick, Denene and their lovely daughters share their passion around the importance of reading and why they joined forces with North Paran. I guarantee you will want to purchase some books - and more important, give books - right away.

And don't worry about finding something to read on North Paran. They've got thousands of books. From works for children to art, romance, science fiction, history, classics, biographies and entertainment, you'll surely find many options to fit your tastes. Or step outside the box and try something new. Need a suggestion? I'd like to humbly put forth my own novel for teens, Can't Stop The Shine, which has just gone into its second printing! Yea!

Whether you purchase my book or not, I hope that you visit North Paran and spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, blogging and email about their commitment to uplifting works by writers of color. Sign up for their electronic newsletter, check out their blog and expert book recommendations, and most of all help children who may not have access to books be able to enjoy the amazing experience of reading!

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