Friday, July 15, 2011

Dance Like You Used To....

I was listening to this fabulous Stevie Wonder podcast and teared up as "As" started playing.

I remember dancing to the song like tomorrow wasn't coming with my favorite "big sister," Pam, when I was probably no more than 8 years old.

She was a shapely, cappuccino-colored sister with thick lips and hair and a curl-shaped mole on her cheek. Probably seven years my senior, Pam was the best dancer in the world to me. We were part of this multi-ethnic dance troupe that rehearsed in an old church in Atlanta.
Our dance teacher, Miss Annette, choreographed a specific solo in "As" just for Pam. And when her arms, legs and hips swirled from the floor to the sky in dramatic leaps and giving thrusts, I was enthralled.
She was the embodiment of a beautifully talented Black woman. And I loved her. Every chance I got, I was up on her. And when I got the opportunity to dance with her, I never wanted our duet to end.

Back then my crafty momma had me in so many activities that I was changing from my leotard to my softball uniform in the car, munching an apple and reciting my times tables.
I did a lot, but dancing was my love. I feel like I took every kind there was, even mime!

And I never got tired - ever. The energy I had then, I only see glimpses of now at age 40. And for some reason that just makes me plain old sad.

Nobody tells you that you'll wish you could dance like you used to.

And I miss it.
Sure I get on the dance floor a few times a year and work it out until I'm about to pass out.

Or I twirl around a few times at a music festival in the park, Zumba for a couple of hours a week in class, and two step at a several concerts.

But dancing - modern, jazz, ballet - like I did from age 4 until about 14, or even club dancing - college through twenties - just disappears...

Only showing up in classes or infrequent old school parties and unexpected opportunities when this body - often worn out from life's responsibilities (parenting!?!?) - can only do so much.
Dancing disappearing?

Who knew?

And whoever knew, why the hell didn't you tell me?

I guess I'm gonna have to dance as much as I can now.....and dance like I used to - in my head...

And that's all right...cause I have a vibrant and vivid imagination....

And my memories of Pam are clear and strong...

Get it girl.....

Keep on James Dean clearly is in this dance class taught by the incomparable Eartha rules!

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