Monday, August 29, 2011

Fighting the Devil: Procrastation Eased by Library Love (#Write)

Okay so you know the most important thing you have to do before writing is cleaning your keyboard, right?!?! It seems the forces of evil are always against me when I'm on serious deadline.

Everything in my personal life just explodes, my computer crashes, and I've certainly gotten no more than 3 hours of restless sleep the night before - so I'm hyped UP on coffee and anxiety in the midst of creativity-suppressing exhaustion.....

So who the heck knows how or why I even do this writing thing!?!?!

And this week not only do I have to write a few articles, but I also have to edit a digital mag - and edit a video that I shot (yea for diversifying my skills! Booooooo for adding to my stress level).


On a lighter note, to kick off my crazy deadline-driven work week, I started volunteering in the library of my daughter's elementary school. Nerd that I am, when the librarian gave me the 5 minute tour and mentioned the Dewey Decimal System, I went all gushy - happily catapulting myself back to card catalogs and curled up evenings with books I adored.

As I re-shelved and checked in dozens of books - many that I remember cherishing and being enthralled by more than 30 years ago - I was encouraged about my chosen profession.

Helping out in the library didn't really reduce my stress, but it certainly let me know that I could never have survived an existence that wasn't spent as a lifelong learner through reading and writing.

So...Procrastinators, let me know what you do when the word "discipline" is like Kryptonite and you just. can't. get. it. together.

Alright, enough....

I'm putting some words on a blank document - even if they don't make any sense.

Writer's write - alright? alright......

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feelin' It Friday: Skills Jones....

Back when I was in my 20s and flirted - for about 12 seconds - with putting some rhymes on a tape and trying to get it in the hands of a music exec, I would have LOVED to have some dope tracks like this to flow over.

I mean I lived around the corner from Nkiru Books in Brooklyn, frequented by Talib Kweli and Mos Def (pre-Black Star). I rolled up on ciphers pretty regularly back then - and I was just beginning to get my real music journalism career going, brushing shoulders with the digging-in-the crates crowd. Plus, I had the fly Bahamadia afro working. It could have happened.

Anyway...Novi Nicest - a self described designer, music composer, producer and writer - hit me up on Google+ and I checked his intro compilation on SoundCloud....listen and love....

And I hope this counts for my daily 30 minutes of writing....cause this is all I'm getting in today....

Writers write...

Allow Me To Introduce Myself by nicest

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