Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ninety-one. & a half...

Hattie Mae Reid Lee, born in Greensboro, Alabama, February 2, 1920

When I was growing up, my grandmother said the Lord's Prayer - and a Bible verse - over every meal, even if it was just a banana. She never let me get a scratch on myself when my brother and I spent every summer with her and my grandfather in Tuskegee, Alabama. Whether they drove us cross-country to California, across several counties to swim at Gulf Shores, or down the road to fish in the Tuskegee Lake, she started saving for the next summer excursion as soon as we returned. She made the best peach cobbler and salmon croquettes - ever. And she taught me that when seated, young ladies keep their dress down and their legs closed. Even though she's blind, not always clear, and in a nursing facility now, she's still got lessons to share. And I'm still paying close attention....

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