Friday, October 28, 2011

The Hula-Hooping Puppy's Quest for "Important Things"

7:32 a.m. October 26, 2011...walking to school:

"Mommy, what do you know?" She's munching on red grapes.

"About what?" I'm trying to trick my racing brain to refrain from rearranging my mile-long To Do list.

"Just what do you know?" Her brows are furrowed as she scans the ground for pavement breaks not to step on.

"I know that I love you. I know that the sky is blue." Oh, I'm so clever...and I'm rhyming!

"But don't you know any important things?" my precocious kindergartener presses. I'm pleasantly surprised and a bit amused at her clarification.

"Well, like what? What do you think is important?" Turnabout is fair play I think, employing a tactic I learned from a friend.

"Like doing work on the computer...and on the iPad." I'm momentarily proud, then instantly concerned: My child understands technology. My child sees me using technology too often.

"Well yes, I know how to do those things. What else do you think is important?" Now I'm praying the tactic will work better the second time around.

"Well, we read to each other! Yes, we read to each other." Her voices fades as she races ahead.

"Oh yes Amber, that is very important."

She's out of earshot. And I am beaming.....


Hope you're Enjoyceinglife...

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