Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Shots, 2 Ears Pierced & 1 Cool Book!

My big brave 4 year old had quite a day at the doctor.

But after all the tears were wiped away, she'd been immunized against serious diseases and she had beautifully pierced ears.

And to top it off her wonderful pediatrician gave her a super-cool book, Owen & Mzee: The Language of Friendship. Gotta love doctors who care for the body and the mind.

Hope you're Enjoyceinglife because we certainly are!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What You Don't Know About Vanessa Bell Calloway...

Who doesn't remember the beautiful Vanessa Bell Calloway comically barking and hopping on one leg as the intended of the Prince of Zamunda in the hilarious Eddie Murphy flick, Coming to America (video)?

Well Ms. Calloway is so much more. The classically-trained dancer shared three little known facts about herself to me in an interview I did with her for Heart & Soul. Like who knew that she can burn in the kitchen (video) and started acting on "All My Children" and "Days of Our Lives?" Or that she and actress KiKi Shepard - an Apollo staple - are good friends who auditioned together in New York in the eighties? Check out my piece and enter to win a DVD of Vanessa starring as Nurse Gail Strummer in the Jada Pinkett-Smith vehicle, "Hawthorne."

My favorite role of Vanessa's is in the film Stompin' at the Savoy (video). She was nuanced and sensitive in her heart-breaking portrayal of a Harlem Renaissance era domestic worker who gets involved in an interracial relationship.

Stay humble and keep enjoyceinglife!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Daughter: The Actress!

I had no idea when I posted this lovely image of my daughter on Facebook that it would lead to her first acting gig.

And here's her first poster! She plays Reisha, the daughter of a woman in a troubled relationship, in the web series, Only God Can Judge Me, produced by Baz Brothers Production.

I am too excited and proud that not only is she smart, but she'll have the opportunity to explore her creative side through acting. Being on set was cool, even if she got a little antsy at times from the understandable number of takes and the wait time it took for her scenes to be shot.

She auditioned by telling the story of Rapunzel, which she'd learned in school and seen in the movie Tangled. And even though she was nervous, she also did a little Michael Jackson-inspired dance to showcase her versatility.

From taking cast photos to filming scenes, her involvement in this family friendly, Christian-based web series has been a wonderful learning experience for us both. Education is where it's at in my house. We stay focused on reading, writing and arithmetic, with a healthy dose of culture thrown in plays, festivals, crafts, art exhibits and library visits. And she's taken classes in everything from swimming and soccer to gymnastics and dance.

Yes, she's a busy girl. And even though she had one modeling job (above) last year, I must admit I have been a little wary about entertainment driven extra-curricular activities. But if she wants to do more acting and opportunities present themselves, I'll support her as long as she remains grounded in the important values her father and I work hard to instill in her character.

Off the soapbox and back to the excitement: I'd like to give a big old juicy proud mama shout out my super talented, super beautiful daughter, Amber Loyd, who can be anything in this world she wants to be, including an entertainer!

The episode she'll appear in will debut in July. So stay tuned, folks. She's blasting off!

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