Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hobby Jones....

When you're a writer, why is it SO hard to develop a hobby that has nothing to do with your paid occupation? I want to do something that doesn't involve media, reading, writing or the Internet. So I exercise (necessity) and I'm a parent (all consuming), but I can't let any of the writer stuff go when I do happen to find some fake-spare-time. Anyone got any suggestions?

Honestly, I'm a wanna be scrapbooker. I lurk around scrap-booking websites and even belong to a scrap-booking e-group (Scraps of Color). But I've never posted an example of any of my creations - because I don't have any that aren't on yellowed pages! I just lurk and yearn and lurk and yearn. I used to scrapbook my writing journals - years ago. Maybe I'll get back to it one day...sigh....

I've got a few important goals on tap for 2012, but I'm still finalizing my short list. Clearly I should focus some time on a non-media hobby. How do y'all do it? I'm wide open to all suggestions. Thanks and keep Enjoyceinglife!

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