Friday, January 6, 2012

Word Love - Intrinsic or Organic?

I just had an interesting discussion in the office about the difference between the words "organic" and "intrinsic." Oddly enough in the last three days, I've heard the word "intrinsic" used in three different conversations when I was in totally different environments. And each time it was used, I always wondered why they didn't use "organic."

It actually bothered me enough to ask the question aloud in my office, which propelled my equally-interested co-workers to the dictionary and to their memories of college English classes. The conversation was stimulating even if I was not satisfied with the outcome.

Thoughts ranged from "organic" becoming played out (even the citing of a New York Times editorial about "organic" being misused) to "intrinsic" being more closely linked to "inherent."

So I haven't decided if I want to start using "intrinsic" more than the pop culture-oriented "organic" because it just sounds weird to me. But don't all words used less frequently initially feel that way?

I'll probably end up on Team Intrinsic because I have so few other outlets in my life now to indulge my natural rebellious nature. If you're striving to parent to the best of your ability, raising another person keeps you in touch with the characteristics in yourself that are the most beneficial for your offspring. That responsibility also makes you temper those personality traits - like rebellion - that might not always work in parenting situations.

Okay, so I'm getting too deep for myself. Back to work.

One more thing: I have to acknowledge that living as a life-long learner may be the best gift - outside of being a parent - that God and my parents ever gave me. Thanks y'all!

Keep on Enjoyceinglife!

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