Friday, March 23, 2012

At Age 81, Artist Faith Ringgold Says She Has Many More Stories To Tell

I was thoroughly moved by hearing Faith Ringgold discuss about her path to becoming an artist at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art yesterday. 

She was crafty - majoring in education and minoring in art in the 1950s at the City College of New York when women weren't allowed to get liberal arts degrees from CCNY. 

She was witty - acknowledging her mindset around keeping a job when she was married to her first husband, a musician. 

She was clever - writing her story in her art when she couldn't get her autobiography published. She knew her art would be photographed, and so her story would be told "without anyone's permission," she said pointedly. 

And with plans to release a slew of new art through an online gallery, she is still prolific and committed to telling important stories through her work.

Opportunities to get up close and personal with such incredible creatives and intellectuals are some of the primary reasons I enjoy working at Spelman College. Below are the tweets I sent out on Twitter during the event. Follow me on Twitter if you like at Enjoyceinglife. I'd love to connect with in that space. I hope that you are Enjoyceinglife! 

My Twitter Posts about Faith Ringgold's Visit to Spelman College, March 22, 2012

@FaithRinggold @SpelmanCollege discussing how her great grandfather went 2 college & she came from a family of teachers

@FaithRinggold said she became art teacher bc she had 2 major n edu & minor n art @CCNY-didn't allow wmn librl arts degrees @SpelmanCollege

It's a lifetime thing being an #artist. The only one who can really stand in your way is you. -  @FaithRinggold @SpelmanCollege

@FaithRinggold is 81 years old and says there is no reason for her to stop working.  @SpelmanCollege  #artist

It was going to Africa that made me realize how important it is to be free. I was in the majority everywhere.- @FaithRinggold  @SpelmanCollege

One of the biggest problems that African American people have is lacking the freedom to tell their story- @FaithRinggold  @SpelmanCollege  #art

It was going to Africa that made me realize how important it is to be free. I was in the majority everywhere.- @FaithRinggold  @SpelmanCollege

When @FaithRinggold couldnt get her autobio published, she started writing on her art-she knew her work would b photographed @SpelmanCollege

"As the pictures would be taken of my art, my story would be told without anyone's permission." -  @FaithRinggold  @SpelmanCollege  #art

@FaithRinggold says she has an enormous amount of work that she plans to put in an online museum. YEA!  @SpelmanCollege #art

My 1st husband was a musician. When you're married to a musician you don't quit anything. You may quit him.-@FaithRinggold  @SpelmanCollege

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