Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrating Black Fathers - Including Mine! - on AtlantaBlackStar.com

When I was asked to participate in AtlantaBlackStar.com's weeklong celebration of Black fathers, it was a no brainer for me to accept.
     I was moved by the sheer wonderfulness of AtlantaBlackStar engaging seven extremely talented Black women to write about Black fathers around seven subjects. From former Essence magazine editor-in-chief Diane Weathers to the baddest writer I know, MyBrownBaby's Denene Millner, these women explore Black fathers who are committed to leading, building, providing, caring, protecting, working and loving their families and their communities. 
     A few tears were shed as I reflected on the sacrifices my father made for our family and community. But they were tears of joy as my fingers typed about the commitment of many Black fathers to their families - a reality that rarely makes it into public dialogues about Black parenting.

     Visiting AtlantaBlackStar today, I saw that my piece was featured on homepage and nearly shed more tears because my dad is so awesome. Until you get out here in the world, it's hard to appreciate what your parents have done for you. And being a parent myself now, I'm often humbled when I look back on my childhood and realize just how involved my father was in my upbringing, when there were so many other things he could have been doing. But he is and has always been "well intentioned, sincere, respectful and responsible," as I share in my piece: Black Fathers: Building and Sacrificing to Lift Their Families
     So please join me and AtlantaBlackStar during this wonderful week of celebrating Black fathers. And keep Enjoyceinglife! 

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