Friday, June 1, 2012

Donna Summer & Idris Elba: Taking the Bitter with the Sweet in Jet Magazine

I arrived home yesterday evening to find my tribute to the incomparable Donna Summer in the new issue of Jet Magazine - the one with the incredibly attractive Idris Elba on the cover. As always I gobbled up the whole issue immediately: Relived writing my Donna piece (her On the Radio album was one of the first I ever had), salivated over the honesty of Idris (he's getting finer with age), and enjoyed the surprise of seeing my former coworker (Ericka Pittman, VP Brand Strategy, Sean "Diddy" Combs' The Blue Flame Agency) as one of the Jet Set 10 Under 40: Young Gifted & Black.

I'm not really a girly girl, but I'm moved pretty regularly by some of the touching wedding stories in the revamped Love section. Jet is looking great, thanks to the leadership of my talented friend Mitzi Miller, who is celebrating one year as the editor of the 61-year-old pub. Keep doing your thing, Mitzi. Your hard work is paying off - lovely!

Below are a couple of YouTube videos I posted on Facebook as I was writing my tribute to the queen of disco:

Such a clear strong voice...R.I.P. Donna...

When I was a kid I loved this song, but used to cry every time I played it because I thought it was about a real woman distraught that she'd left the cake she'd made in the rain. And it was melting. And she'd never have that recipe. Again. Now ain't that sad?!? Don't listen unless you've got 17 minutes - it's the fab long version....Missing Donna...

This is some pretty brilliant production in "Dim All the Lights" to go from country-westernish to pop dance and even a surprising dip into funky electronica. And it all works quite nicely...

Hope you're Enjoyceinglife!

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