Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gabrielle Douglas: Interviewing the Champ & Her Mother!

When I got the email asking me if I wanted to interview Olympian Gabrielle Douglas and her mother Natalie Hawkins for the cover of Jet magazine, I was beside myself. I had watched this young woman, this fierce athlete, inspire awe in the world throughout the London Games. And I'd tuned into the media and social media insanity - including my own - that erupted around her instant fame. I was more than amped. I was ready to have some good conversation with these women who at their core are about family and excellence.

They were ready for me, too. I asked the hard questions and they gave honest answers. I ended our interview feeling respect and admiration not just for what the 16-year-old had accomplished, but for the grace in which she handled herself under some unfathomable pressure and sometimes ugly spotlight. And as a mother, I was motivated by the warrior nature and ferocious love of her mother. 

I'd never written a cover story for Jet before and for Gabrielle Douglas to be my first was an awesome honor. I feel truly blessed to be a small part of history recording her record-breaking feats in a periodical that for more than 60 years has been one of the few committed to uplifting the triumphs of people of African descent. 

The September 3, 2012 issue of Jet will be on the newsstands for one more week. I'd love for you to pick it up and support Jet, Gabrielle and me! Please check out the article [sneak peak here] and let me know what you think. And keep Enjoyceinglife. It's a wonderful world out there!

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