Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love Inspired: Angela Davis & Toni Morrison

When I posted this photo of legends Angela Davis and Toni Morrison to my Facebook page this morning a friend made my heart melt with this comment:

My first treasured gift from [my husband] before we married was a first British edition of Davis' autobiography, which was nurtured and edited by Morrison. (that's when I knew this guy really gets me!)

Who doesn't want a love connection like that!?!? Okay well maybe shared respect and admiration for literature, creativity and activism isn't on everybody's potential partner list, but that sure speaks to me - loudly. 

When I first saw this photo, all I could wonder was, what must they be talking about? Political prisoners? Hair? Effective writing? I'd have trailed them for miles just to eavesdrop. 

Well now I get to discuss the power of Davis' years of activism, advocacy and academic discourse on women's rights, prison abolition, feminism and race. And you can, too! Please join me tomorrow, Wed, 9/12, noon-1pm on Twitter for a chat about Davis' impact on politics and justice. To participate or even just view, please follow @SpelmanCollege or @enjoyceinglife and use hashtag #InsideSpelman

If you're in Atlanta, Davis will be at Spelman College [for free] on Mon., 9/17, to discuss women, voting and citizenship. Timely, huh? Details in the September issue of Inside Spelman

Davis and superbad political science professor and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry (coming in spring 2013) are guest lecturers at Spelman's inaugural Ida B. Wells-Barnett Lecture Series, which addresses contemporary issues impacting women. Named after the most inspiring journalist EVER and featuring powerful women of change, I just have to ask, does it get any better than this? I'm thoroughly amped!

Keep on Enjoyceinglife!

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