Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Parenting Moment: Michelle Obama on President Obama's Smoking Challenge

Fantastic parenting conversation that Michelle Obama had with iVillage about how she and President Barack Obama talked to their children about the challenge of quitting smoking. There was serious insight into the care and strategy of their parenting. I'm so in love with how they honor their daughters' intelligence and curiosity. She's so at ease discussing the honesty they use as a foundation to their parenting - when Lord knows raising up girl children - any children - takes God, plus all the will and patience you can muster. This interview helped me as I navigate the wild world that I send my baby out into everyday. Thanks First Lady!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What Angie Told Me About Idris....

Who wouldn't want to be the object of Idris Elba's affection? Angie Stone spilled the goods to me about her tight relationship with Idris in the current issue of Jet Magazine (the one with boxer-turned-thespian Mike Tyson on the cover).

"We are so close," said Angie about Idris, who was more than memorable as the delivery man in her video for "I Wanna Thank Ya." But their relationship is not what you think, ladies. Check out my interview with her and, even better, the new music from her latest soul-filled funky album, Rich Girl, which is exactly how she described it when I caught up with her in Atlanta at the video shoot for her single "Do What You Gotta Do."  She looked so lovely and was extremely down to earth.

I love a classy lady. And I enjoyed this interview. I can't wait to share with you who I interviewed last night for Jet. Keep reading Enjoyceinglife. I keep it popping here!

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