Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Best Tweets: 2nd Presidential Debate 2012

I love this photo from last night's second presidential debate. It is such a telling picture. Here are some tweets that made me laugh, scream, stand up on my sofa, and literally throw stuff at my computer. It was a riotous evening - and the best presidential debate I've ever seen. These tweets are a snapshot of the Storify I created from debate, which includes video clips of my favorite parts and some great photos. Enjoy! 

"I don't look at my pension. It's not as big as yours." POTUS. #debates

First time Romney didn't bully Candi: When #Obama told #Romney how he was diff than #Bush. Romney had not. one. thing. to. say. #debates

Equal pay for women is the single most powerful economic stimulus we could institute.- Gloria Steinem ow.ly/exd6H #FB #election2012

Cool infographic from @USAToday: We asked what you thought of the #debateinoneword and here are your responses: pic.twitter.com/seMhUi1W

Romney and Obama are circling each other onstage, looking like they're ready either for a fight or a debate dance-off. #debates

RT @MissKristilyn: "You don't turn national security into a political issue, certainly not right when it's happening." - Pres. Obama #fb

Libya: Obama To Romney On Rose Garden Remarks:  'Get The Transcript'

#Crowley#Obama & a #transcript having a fact-checking#Libya smackdown party! RT @harryallen: What was the best moment of the #debate?

#Obama couldn't have planned this better if he tried. #Romney saying he cares abt 100% of ppl opened door 4 Obama 2 close w 47%. #debates

Totally thinking the same thing! U KNOW they had 'the talk.' RT @VidaLov: Aw Michelle restored her man! Yes First Lady! #TeamBarack #debates


From me, a #singlemom: I'm freaking offended that Romney's answer to assault weapons is for me to get married! #RUCrazy or #DoUThinkImCrazy

Apparently, my being single is getting people shot. Someone get me a date before another life is lost.#debates

Yes! Saved from #AssaultWeapons! RT @jesseltaylor I remember when I put a ring on my bride's finger & she stopped doing drive-bys. #debates

More tweets, photos and videos in my Storify. Keep on Enjoyceinglife! JD

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