Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Elusive Black Surfer

Tonight my 1st grade daughter's fluency practice story was about a boy who dreamed of being a surfer. She'd never heard of surfing before, so I cued up some videos on YouTube of children surfing.

And, of course, she asked if girls surfed. I found some videos of women surfing.

Then she asked if Black girls surfed. I had no idea how difficult it would be to find videos of Black girls surfing....Black women surfing....Black people surfing. While I did come up with a few videos (mostly promos for documentaries about Blacks and surfing), there just aren't very many. 

In those twenty minutes, I did get a quick history - via videos - of Blacks and surfing, which dates back to Ghanaians surfing off the coast of West Africa before the slave trade as far as I could quickly see from documentary promos. There are several Black surfing organizations, as well. So I want to find more videos and websites. 

My baby said she'd love to "do that," meaning try surfing. So I'll be doing more research. And somehow make her wish come true - even though we live in land-locked Georgia. I see traveling for this wish fulfillment.

I'm ecstatic she wanted to try it even though she didn't see anyone like her surfing. Exposure and confidence are powerful tools. 

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