Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guess how long it took for women tennis players to get equal pay at Wimbledon?

Nearly 40 years. From 1968 to 2007. From activist-athletes Billie Jean King to Venus Williams. That's how long it took for women tennis players to receive equal awards for winning Wimbledon.

If you get a chance to watch the fabulous documentary "Venus VS," directed by wonderful filmmaker Ava DuVernay and airing on ESPN, you will be moved. King's and Williams' brave stances and activism resulted in a groundbreaking change in women's rights that took entirely too long to come to fruition. The film, part of ESPN Film's Nine for IX series, chronicles the important physical, emotional, traumatic and socio-political challenges that Williams faced and overcame during her rise to the pinnacle of women's tennis. It was just riveting. I learned so much. 

Here are a few tweets I sent during the premiere via @Enjoyceinglife

"'Venus VS' came from Venus' ultimate game - & her relationship to ."-filmmaker

Why does it take so long 4 people 2 recognize there should b equality across the board?-filmmaker on

How must it feel 2 b 1 of those 1999 male tennis players watching urself saying women players should b happy being paid less?

I think we are in a bygone era of athletes & activism...branding & endorsements discourage that. -  dir.

Wow. RT : RT : 2013 marks the first without since 1996.

: How has the world of sports changed 4women over time? & sit down w/

See a preview of the documentary here. And keep Enjoyceinglife!

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