Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Can't Believe I Rejoined MySpace

"If I'm not communicating, I'm not awake."

I have absolutely no idea what got into me today. Well that's not exactly true. No. 1: A co-worker raved about how the new MySpace was really great with all these bells and whistles and stuff and I just could not resist. Now I deleted my MySpace account years ago. But one visit to the souped up Justin Timberlake-owned music site resulted in me signing up, connecting it to a few of my other social media accounts, and promptly posting this tweet to Twitter:

No. 2: Andre Benjamin is still like Kryptonite to me. I was already weak from the new visually stimulating MySpace. When JT threw this Dre playlist on me, I was done.

But that was not the end of my social media exploits today. Oh noooo. I was on a roll. When I saw a friend's engaging About.Me profile on Twitter, it triggered my own long-held interest in creating one, too. Twenty minutes later I had the framework for what I completed this evening.

But did I stop at MySpace and About.Me? Somehow I got sucked into signing up for Quora when I was adding Facebook friends in About.Me and one had a Quora profile link. Friends can be so dangerous. I had to Google Quora to find out its exact purpose. The premise seems cool, a community-curated Q&A site started by two former Facebook employees.

I have a problem, folks. A social media problem. In the last week or so, the magazine lover and information junkie in me has signed up for FlipBoard (which I am really digging) and reengaged with the fabulously updated Flickr. Now I already have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, YouTubePinterest, and Storify. And I know I'm forgetting some site. Oh yes, this blog. I think I need an intervention. 

But the truth is I don't want one. And that may be a problem as well. Aside: Working with the incredible journalist and author Tananarive Due at Spelman College has been such a joy over the past year. But I think the best thing she's said to me so far was at our first get-to-know-each-other lunch:

Paraphrasing -> "Sometimes I get the same high from social media that I get from reading a good story."

That quote is burned in my brain because I feel the exact same way. I love to communicate across various platforms - and not just digitally. Check out my About.Me page and you'll see what I mean. And life is really my intervention. Often when I develop an interest in a new social media platform, I ditch another one or two. I recently deleted numerous apps on my phone, unsubscribed from at least a dozen email newsletters, and I've been on an unfriending binge for the last few weeks. 

And for the most part I've got my priorities in tact. There have been days in a row (!!!) when parenting and work-related deadlines have prevented me from real-time posting (thank you HootSuite). While I did sign up for three social media platforms today in the span of my lunchtime, I still managed to conduct an interview, write an article, and update Inside Spelman

I have to admit that I am suffering a bit from a shortened attention span (horrible for a writer who loves to read). But I've got a plan: As much as I hate to do it, I'm going to be more purposeful and organized about my social media engagement - and more frequent disengagement. This approach is part of a larger assessment I'm working on this summer. 

So who thinks I can do it? Who thinks I can post less on social media?

I hope I'm not the only one with my hand raised. 

Keep on Enjoyceinglife. It's a blast. 

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