Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Remembering Myself: How Sheila E. and King Drove Me Home

I am totally in love with a new opportunity I've recently accepted. I knew something was coming, but not in the way it showed up. This new thing feeds some of my most basic needs; those that never fail to stimulate me. I'm constantly challenged, learning at an accelerated pace, digesting tons of information, and being forced to make whip-fast decisions based on my experience and instinct about topics of which I will forever be passionate.

But right now I'm transitioning into the fullness of this bright, shiny new penny - and I've allowed this temporary ambiguous place to frustrate me to no end. I mean sometimes I'm so angry at the seemingly slow development of this new blessing that I find it hard to allow the things that usually soothe me to work. Trying to stay in a state of gratitude these days often takes concentrated effort.

I just wish the transition was over, it was six months from now and everything was all worked out. But soon come. My left-brain knows that. Yet somehow my Capricorn patience is nowhere to be found.

Listening to two interviews on NPR tonight with a new group called King and the incomparable Sheila Escovedo (Sheila E.) discussing her book chronicling her 40 years as an artist, a thought started bubbling into my consciousness. Hearing them discuss their creative process was just beautiful and stress relieving. I was inspired. To write.

Maybe this is it, I thought. I need to write. Not for my gig. Not for a magazine. But for me. I realized that I had not written a piece on this blog since April. And I've been blogging regularly in some way, shape or form for at least 10 years. And before that I was scribbling for decades in tons and tons of journals.

As I realized that I needed to get back to exercising this muscle outside of external deadlines, other revelations began to unfold. I have always been drawn to the newest thing in my life - sometimes to the point of near obsession. That's why I like social media, e-mail and even snail mail. Every post or open mailbox is an opportunity for something new (the holy grail for an information junkie). This new opportunity is no different. It's been frenetic days, late nights and lots of weekend work for several months now. And that's cool sometimes because I tend to thrive in those spaces.

But there are other dreams and priorities in my life for which I'd worked hard about a year ago to examine, distill and create activation plans. Some I'd began working on. While those ambitions are not new, I still love and want to pursue them.

During this transition and even when the ambiguity lessens with my new opportunity, I need to revisit my other important dreams - and reengage with those plans. The first step though is writing. Reconnecting with my first love is like going home, but there is a difference. Usually I'm so particular about Enjoyceinglife - taking time to get the right photos, videos, links, words, etc. I keep forgetting this is a space I created to challenge myself to write differently than I do professionally.

So this post started out stream of consciousness. And it remains that way - mostly. I mean I am still me, so I did spell check and add in a little extra here and there. But I just can't spend hours blogging these days. However, I do need to write for myself more often. Like Sheila E said about playing her drums, it's nourishment, like a plant being watered every day.

And I've been thirsty for months.

Keep on Enjoyceinglife. It's so rewarding.

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